Thank you for choosing Enviro-Cool for your antifreeze needs. 

     We are a locally owned-and-operated company providing antifreeze for auto, truck and bus service centers throughout the Southeastern United States.   

     All components of our antifreeze products are proudly made in the U.S.A.  We use state-of-the-art vacuum-distillation equipment for both the glycol and the water.  This process yields antifreeze that is so pure and clean that it looks, smells and tests identical to, or better than, brand new! 

(In fact, several "new" antifreeze formulas on the market today contain part vacuum-distilled recycled glycol(s).

     To this distilled glycol/water base, we add the best inhibitor packages available at ANY price.  All of our antifreeze types are fully-formulated and pre-charged -- ready for use in ALL automotive (gold formulas) and heavy-duty diesel applications (gold formulas recommended for those diesels containing aluminum in their cooling systems), including the "wet sleeve" cylinder-lined diesels without the need for Supplemental Cooling Additives (SCA's).  This saves you additional time and money.  And, our in-line digital flow-meters ensure that you are getting exactly what you pay for, to  1/10th of a gallon.

     As part of our commitment to the environment and providing customers with the best antifreeze available at any price, all of our formulas contain an additive that prevents people and animals from ingesting them, even though this is not required by law.

     Prior to Enviro-Cool, companies that chose recycled antifreeze reaped two  important benefits: the cost savings of these products and the "green" aspects of recycling -- increasingly important in this age of heightened consumer and government awareness on these issues.  Now, a third benefit is added -- we provide a superior product, one that is often better-than-new.  Your company no longer must choose between cost savings and quality.

    For technical questions or to be placed on our delivery route, please call,                 write, or email us:

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EPA ID # GAR000067652

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